Saturday, February 25, 2012


Everyone understands that moms love to put photos of their children on their social media pages.  Moms are proud of their kids and want to show them off. That's natural.

What's not natural is  those children's pictures become just like a catalogue for pedophiles. They'll pick which ones appeal to them and then figure out a way to go after that child or children.

Children of single mothers are at particular risk. After all, Mom is single and probably bored. She's looking for male company. Someone nice, polite, fun. Someone who likes kids.

Even better if HE offers to help by picking the child up after school or offers to take the child to ballgames.

Mom knows the kids need a male influence in their lives. And she's looking for someone who fits the description of the perfect male role model.

And here he comes. Mr. Perfect. He asks her to go out with him. He shares with her. Believe me, he's left a lot of things out. She shares with him and feels it's only fair to tell him about her kids. She's excited that he isn't shocked and in fact, tells her he loves kids. He's very excited because she's buying into everything he says.

He's helpful, polite and offers help Mom needs because she's working her butt off trying to support the kids. She's tired. She's bored. He offers to move in so he can help with the children and the bills. She's just been groomed by a pedophile who wants to get to her child.

What she doesn't know is that nice man has been online searching for children in the age range he likes. He's much more computer savvy than the average person. He knows exactly how to search for the right age child within his area. Once he's found them, he can then go through their photos and pick out exactly the one he wants. He has just targeted her child.

And her child is now a sitting duck for a pedophile. He starts grooming the child. He takes him to ballgames or if he prefers girls, he takes her shopping. He buys the child gifts, toys. He plays catch, he skates, he flies kites. He'll do whatever it takes to get that child to accept him as a friend.

He has now groomed the child. Let the molesting begin, slowly at first so he doesn't alarm the child. When it starts to escalate the child becomes afraid to tell. If the child becomes alarmed, he's threatened. He's told if he tells, his attacker will hurt mommy or mommy will go to jail or mommy won't love him anymore. And pedophiles are experts  at making the kid feel guilty because the molester knows how to make it feel good and make the child think it's his own fault.

So how does a parent keep this from happening? GET THE PICTURES OF YOUR KIDS OFF OF YOUR FACE BOOK AND MY SPACE PAGE!

And if you're a single mom, you're not obligated to tell anyone about your kids. If you're just looking for a man to move in with, you're upping the chances of your child being molested. Keep the men you date away from your children. If a man starts getting too friendly and bringing gifts to your kid, ask him not to buy them gifts.

If you become serious about a man in the future, there's plenty of time to let him know about the kids.  STOP JUMPING IN AND OUT OF SITUATIONS THAT COULD PUT YOUR CHILD AT RISK!

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