Sunday, March 4, 2012


You only have to watch the news to figure out the number of children being molested, raped, tortured and killed is on the rise. It's almost like the kids are running around with a target taped to their backs.

So whose responsibility is it to protect children? It's YOUR responsibility…and mine. It is NOT the responsibility of police or judges or doctors. They are called in AFTER the damage has been done. The only defense a child has is you and me.

Research will tell you, depending on who you believe, that 70 to 90 percent of children are molested by someone they know. It could be a father, step-father, grandfather, older child, teacher, uncle, or a trusted long-time family friend. I happen to believe it's closer to 70 percent, but the numbers don't mean much because it only takes one molester to rape or kill a child.

Profile of a molester: He's been married or is married, has children of his own, works, dresses nicely, is a good family man, and is religious. He's educated, at least a high school education, and probably some college. He may be an executive, or own his own business. He's considered reliable. He is our husbands, our fathers, our next door neighbor, our child's teacher, coach, or even our pediatrician. He may be a foster parent or have adopted children.

If and when HE is arrested, his wife knows he's been falsely accused. His friends say "Not John. I've known him for years, even went to school with him. He would never do that." His pastor says, "He's in church every time the doors open. He volunteers. I went to visit him in jail and we prayed together. He wouldn't do something like that." People might even say "He wouldn't do that, he loves kids."

Then John confesses and other victims come forward. When John goes to court, he comes prepared with letters from respected people willing to recommend the judge go easy on him because he's a good family man, a hard worker, religious and is sorry for what's happened. They might even say he didn't know what he was doing because he's an alcoholic but he's now in a treatment program and it won't happen again.

The judge gives poor old John 7 years instead of 20, suspends 6 of them, and orders him into therapy. He has to register as a sex offender and must be actively monitored for those 6 years. He's not to be around children, except his own of course. Yep. That'll fix things. He's back around his victim, he does his year in jail, and then he's turned loose on society again. His sexual preference for children will not change. HE will not change…oh wait….yes he will. He'll learn to be more careful and not leave a witness the next time.

Let me clear something up. Alcoholics are NOT child molesters. Some molesters are alcoholics but they're molesters whether they're drinking or not.

So what do we tell our kids? One of the best defenses against a child being a victim, is to role play with them. You're not going to scare them, You're going to enable them. Forewarned is forearmed. You can't just tell them what to do, because they will forget if it happens and they get scared. ROLE PLAY WITH THEM. You play the molester and teach them what to do. There's truth in the old saying, "The best defense is an offense."

If the molester is whispering, have them scream "HELP ME" at the top of their lungs. If he tells them to shut up or he'll hurt them, have them keep screaming. If it happens  with nobody else around, make sure they know it's safe to tell someone they trust IMMEDIATELY. Make sure they know he might even threaten to hurt mommy if they ever tell but he's a liar. They must tell anyway because NOBODY, even someone in the family or a good friend, has a right to touch their chest, buttocks, or private parts.

If they can get to ANY part of his body with their teeth, a nose, an arm….or…(cough, cough)…. any other part that might get close to their mouth….have them bite like a bulldog. Not a little bite but a clamp down until it bleeds bite.

Then have them run. If they see a telephone, dial 9-1-1 and if the molester is coming, just lay the phone down off of the hook and keep screaming "HELP ME".

DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD BECOME A VICTIM. AND IF YOU SUSPECT SOMEONE ELSE'S CHILD IS BEING OR HAS BEEN MOLESTED OR ABUSED. CALL AND REPORT IT! You may be the only person standing between a child and their molester. It would be better to be wrong than to be right and do nothing.

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