Thursday, March 8, 2012


Stranger danger is another thing parents must teach their children to handle. You can't just tell a child not to get in a car with someone they don't know, because chances are, they won't be invited into the vehicle. They'll be grabbed and quickly shoved into it.

The most recent survey numbers of kidnapping, that I could find, was done in 2002. According to the report, done by the U.S. Justice Department, revealed of the roughly 261,000 children who are abducted every year, the majority (203,900) are taken by a family member, and just 90 to 115 are victims of "stereotypical kidnappings".

A stereotypical kidnapping, according to the survey is committed by a stranger or slight acquaintance. The child is kept overnight, transported at 50 miles, held for ransom, abducted with the intention of keeping the child permanently, or killed.

So that's only about 115 children a year. Really cuts down on the chances your child will be a victim, right? WRONG!

That figure doesn't even count the 58,000 abductions known as "nonfamily abduction", because to many law enforcement agencies this doesn't qualify as abductions because the act of detaining the child is incidental to the primary crime, usually sexual abuse. Many of these are committed by people we should be able to trust with our children, scout leaders, teachers, pastors, youth ministers, even police officers.

That certainly ups the chances of your child being abused and what you teach your child about strangers is important.

Again, you MUST role play with your child so they'll know exactly what to do if the unthinkable happens. Make sure they know if the man tries to make them cooperate by telling them he'll hurt their mommy or sister or whoever, that he's a liar so don't believe it for a minute.

If they're on a bicycle when it happens, forget the bicycle. Throw it on the ground, start running and screaming. If it involves a puppy, NEVER help anyone find their puppy even if he looks nice. If approached by a man like this, run away as fast as they can towards other people. There's safety if they can find a group of people, even if they don't know them.

If someone manages to grab them, teach them how to fight, kick, scratch, bite and it's important they keep screaming as loud and long as they can. Teach them to throw their body back and forth while kicking and screwing Impress them it's important they try to stay out of that vehicle. Teach them to poke out eyes, hit his nose in an upward motion as hard as they can with the heel of their hand. Bite the nose like you want to bite it off. Dropping to the ground and kicking the front of someone's knee as hard as they can with both feet.

If there's anyone around, they must start fighting and screaming "HELP! HE'S NOT MY DAD!"

Is there a chance your child will over react sometime? Sure. Better the child over react at some point than NOT ACT and end up raped and dead.

And i know we've spent time teaching our lovely little children that it's not nice to bite. Now's the time to teach them there is one time it's acceptable to bite. Again, if they get in this situation, tell them to bite anything that gets close to their mouth.

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